May 9, 2023

Do Direct Mailers Really Work? Let's Look at the Research

Direct mailers have been a staple in marketing for many years. But with the rise of digital marketing, some businesses have questioned whether postcard mailers are still an effective way to reach customers. In this article, we'll look at recent research on the effectiveness of direct mailers and determine whether they are still worth the investment.

According to a study conducted by the Data & Marketing Association, direct mail has a higher response rate than email, display ads, and social media. The study found that direct mail had a response rate of 4.9% for prospect lists and 9% for house lists, compared to email's response rate of 0.6% and 1% for prospect and house lists, respectively.

Another study by the USPS found that consumers are more likely to remember and engage with direct mail than digital ads. The study showed that 60% of direct mail recipients were more likely to remember the brand compared to 20% of digital ad recipients. Direct mail was also found to be more persuasive, with 39% of recipients saying they tried a business for the first time because of direct mail, compared to 10% for email and 8% for social media.

However, the effectiveness of direct mailers also depends on the quality of the mailer itself. A study by the CMO Council found that poorly designed and irrelevant mailers can actually have a negative impact on a business's brand perception.

To ensure the success of direct mailers, businesses should consider factors such as design, targeting, and personalization. For example, using variable data printing to personalize postcards with the recipient's name and location can increase response rates. Using eye-catching designs and clear calls to action can also improve the effectiveness of postcard mailers.

In conclusion, direct mailers can still be an effective way to reach customers and drive business growth. Research shows that direct mail has a higher response rate than digital marketing, and consumers are more likely to remember and engage with direct mail. However, businesses must ensure their mailers are well-designed, relevant, and personalized to maximize their effectiveness.

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